Eating & Drinking
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Eating & Drinking
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Eating & Drinking

  • Handsteady Drinking Aid

    Handsteady Drinking Aid

    The handle of the HANDSTEADY drinking aid rotates so that that the cup self-levels using gravity; tilts easily without n…


  • Uccello Kettle Tipper

    Uccello Kettle Tipper

    The effortless ‘power-steering’ pour action of the Uccello Kettle was designed using the unique PowerPour technology…


  • Duo Clip On Handle

    Duo Clip On Handle

    An ergonomic clip-on handle that allows you to hold a mug with both hands Increases grip and stability when drinking. A …


  • Good Grips Chopper

    Good Grips Chopper

    Make easy work of chopping onions, nuts and more with the Good Grips® Chopper and Mini Chopper. Just press the soft kno…


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