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Colt Plus

If the part you require is not listed here, please call one of our specialist parts team on 0800 6123454 or click here to contact us. We will be more than happy to help.

We supply the following parts: Front Shroud, Floor Pan, Rear Shroud, Motor, Transaxle, Electromagnetic Brake, Control Box Wheels/tyres, Speed Pot, Throttle Pot, Battery Box, Seat (Whole Assembly), Seat Covers, Arm Pads, Arm Rests, Baskets, Bumpers, Carpets/mats, Lights And Indicators, Mirrors, Suspension, Swing Arms, Anti Tip Wheels, Tiller Shrouds, Tiller Displays.

First Choice Mobility Ltd. 127 Canterbury Road, Westbrook, Kent CT9 5BD. Registered Company Number: 5929746 VAT Number: 896 2107 03
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