Rise and Recliner Guide
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Rise and Recliner Guide
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Rise and Recliner Guide

What is a healthcare Rise and Recline Chair?

This term is often referred to or known as a rise and recline chair as the chair is operated electrically and helps people who need help standing from a normal chair.  First Choice Mobility Ltd offers a comprehensive range of Rise and Recline and Specialist Seating solutions.

Do we offer a tailored chair?

All our chairs are manufactured to the highest quality and many are available in any size with any of the mechanisms available. Along with a vast range of fabric choices and accessories, we can indeed provide a bespoke piece of furniture that is best for you.

How does a rise and recline chair work?

All rise and recline chairs use mains-power needed to power the built in motor for the rise and recline action of the chair. An easy to use, hand-held control is connected to the recliner that carefully adjusts the chair to a prefect seating position just for you.  

Your rise and recline chairs have mechanisms – what are these?

F irst Choice Mobility Ltd offers the most extensive range of seating mechanisms which gives you the choice to find the perfect position for relaxing and that extra help when standing. 

How do I know what size rise and recline chair I require?

Our products are available in a wide range of dimensions to suit all requirements. Please download our Specifications Chart here. You can also download our Chair Assessment Form which will prompt all of the information required to complete a Chair Specification.

I need a rise and recline chair quickly; can you help me?

If you need a chair quickly, We supply a full range of ready to go Rise and Recliners.

Do you offer a healthcare massage chair?

Many recline chairs can be supplied with optional extras including a massage and heat pad system. Please talk to us about your requirements Tel: 01227 907003

What is pressure care?

The aim is to maintain healthy skin and thus prevent breakdown and the development of pressure ulcers. A pressure ulcer is a localised injury to the skin and/or underlying tissue usually over a bony prominence. The 4 main factors implicated are interface pressure, shear, friction, and moisture. Pressure ulcers can range in severity from patches of discoloured skin to open wounds that expose the underlying bone or muscle. – source NHS UK

Can your rise and recline chairs provide pressure area care?

If required, it is CRITICAL to use a chair that has been measured and adjusted to the size and shape of the individual. Correct Posture leads to maximising the contact area which in turn minimises pressure on the body parts. Occupational Therapists and Specialists will advise repositioning every 2 hours and the use of significant tilt angles (up to 45 degrees) which can achieve pressure reductions, particularly in the pelvic area. The aim is to balance the challenges of comfort and pressure management with posture control and individual independence, the results is a comprehensive range of rise and recline chairs all available to view on our website

I am concerned that my current chair is not providing the pressure care management I need.  Would a rise and recline chair offer me the comfort I need?

First Choice Mobility Ltd offer an extensive range of seating mechanisms which gives you the choice to find the perfect position for relaxing and that extra help when standing.  There are 7 different seating arrangements, depending on the level of risk of pressure sores and ulcers. 

Where can I identify legislation and national guidelines affecting pressure area care?

When asked this question is asked locally, we always refer people to the Governance e-manual that provides advice and guidance on all aspects of governance in the NHS in Wales. Other useful Government guidance and evidence-based advice on the prevention and management of pressure ulcers can be found online at the Government Website.

From the range of rise and recline chairs that you offer, what ones are best suited for pressure ulcers prevention care and management?

Our tilt-in-space rise and recline chairs is our most popular seating solution, which can encourage pressure redistribution and relief as part of a pressure management care plan. 

Is air mattress pressure care a seating option that you offer?

Yes, an Alternating Air Cushion uses an air pump to continuously inflate and deflate cells with the cushion. 

Will I be able to match the fabric of the rise and recline chair to my home interior?

Yes,our made to order range of chairs are available in a vast range of materials and we have an extensive network of suppliers throughout the UK. 

For more information please contact a member of our sales team, call 01227 907003 or email sales@firstchoicemobility.com

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